#1 As Happy as a Pig in Shit? Don’t Be Like All the Other Pigs! Stand Up, Be Different!

Pig in ShitI have always wondered about the saying: “As Happy as a Pig in Shit”.  But I have to wonder no more, because I figured it out and quite frankly, in my opinion it is not a positive thing.

Being as happy as a pig in shit means just one thing – You are Stuck!  You are not moving yourself forward, and if you have a business then you are not moving your business forward.  You are as the other saying goes: “Stuck in a Rut”.

So how does someone know when they are stuck in a rut or simply as happy as that pig?  I have found in my experience that people tend to talk a lot about what they want to do or would like to do, but they never actually do anything about it!

There is also a lot of the “Blame Game” being played.  “I couldn’t do that because he/she did something to prevent me!”  The plain simple truth is that if this is you, you are either:

  1. Too lazy!
  2. A blabbermouth – Like the attention from people when you talk about it but don’t like the work needed to get you to your goal!
  3. Not motivated enough, your Why is not big enough!

This is not an exhaustive list but is in my opinion the most important ones.  There are others, for example, you are unemployed and do not have the money, but I have been there and somehow I always found the money.  If your Why is strong enough and big enough, you will always find the money, if that is what you need to get you to your goal, it is not always required.

So what do you need to do to get yourself moving forward?  Start with a plan, even a small simple plan, and start working on one thing.  If your plan is to build a business, then start researching your business model, do a SWOT analysis, get yourself to a starting point and then start running!

If your plan is to join the Royal Marines or the Paras, then you have to start!  Even if you start with doing only ten push ups and sit ups every day.  It is something you can build on.  But if you never start you will never get to your goal.  Just start!  That is the key.  Do the simple things, the small things and finish them.  Take them through to completion!

Get small results and build on them.  After a month, you might change it up and do 30 push ups and sit ups each and every day of the week and after a year you may well be able to not only run 20 miles with a pack on, but you will be able to do 100 push ups and sit ups in one session.  But you have to START!

Stop being the Pig!  Start moving your life forward, inches at a time if that is what it takes.  Forget about the yards, focus on the inches and live the life you were meant to!

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